First and foremost, of course, we are professional surveyors, registered and licensed to practice in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Boundary and “Existing Conditions” surveys are our most requested services, and we have been conducting them for over thirty years. Chances are that wherever your project is located, we’ve worked nearby, and have information in our extensive files that will help you.

“Ground-based” surveys which employ conventional instruments are just one of the many skills that Scituate Surveys employs to re-establish boundaries, create topographic studies, map the locations of utilities and plan for site development. Aerial photogrammetry, global positioning (GPS), and geographic information systems (GIS) are also part of our tool kit, and we strive to remain current in all aspects of advancing technology.

Whether you are interested in property boundaries, utility and physical feature locations, hydrographic studies, condominium development, subdivisions of land or construction layout services, we have broad experience in all aspects of professional practice.

We are experts in boundary dispute resolution, and we often appear in Superior Court as expert witnesses. Our base mapping services (property lines, wetlands, coastal features, utilities, natural and constructed features, etc.) are sought by civil engineers, architects and landscape architects as a reliable tool for design and permit applications.