We offer expert consultation in the evaluation of land and site development projects. Most clients have definable goals, but no clear idea about what constitutes the best way to realize those goals. We can help.

We begin by identifying the variables in the projects that people bring to us. Whether it is a commercial or residential development, a subdivision of land, the resolution of a boundary dispute, the creation of condominium units, the preparation of a title survey or layout services for a construction project, we evaluate the issues and recommend the most effective course of action.

In some cases, topographic or environmental constraints are of immediate concern, and our experience with State and local permitting agencies will suggest the first steps. In other cases, zoning hurdles may dictate a different course. And in still others, land evidence or utility research may be recommended in order to better identify the feasibility of a given project.

Our intention is to match our clients’ goals to a successful design, survey or strategy that will accomplish those goals, and to continually monitor and re-evaluate the process in light of new data or unanticipated results.