Many projects can become stalled in the permit acquisition process. Our designs reflect years of successful navigation through State and municipal regulatory quagmires, and enable our clients to move more swiftly through the permitting process.

Soil Evaluations for Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Design – We not only attend continuing education seminars on soils analysis, we sponsor them. Our goal is to generate accurate soils data that will enable the design of a functional and cost-effective septic system.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Design – We approach designing standard or engineered (variance required) septic systems not only to meet or exceed Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) regulations, but also with attention to the “lay of the land” and other factors to minimize installation expenditures.

Wetlands Permitting – RIDEM wetlands applications involve not only land surveying skills, but also those of a wetlands biologist and a professional engineer. We engage the most respected biologists in the State and an “in-house” private engineering consultant to develop an aggressive but “approvable” application.

Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) Permitting – When making an application to CRMC, we utilize the same diligence and professional consultants as we do with RIDEM wetland submittals, following CRMC regulations and guidelines.

Subdivisions – We are familiar with the subdivision permitting process in all the municipalities in Rhode Island and provide all required data from preliminary application all the way through final submission, whether it be an Administrative, Minor or Major subdivision, or a Land Development Project.

Site Design – Whether it be a commercial or residential project, we can provide – in conjunction with affiliated professionally licensed consultants – grading design, parking layout, utility and drainage design, landscape architecture and other site design services to comply with State and municipal regulations.